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What are the benefits of HMB?

HMB stands for beta-Hydroxy beta-methylbutyric acid, and occurs naturally within the body following the consumption of foods which contain the essentially amino acid leucine. Leucine itself is in a number of foods that are commonly eaten by people, such as beef and fish, and following the absorption of leucine into the body, HMB develops as part of the body’s process of metabolising it.

The substance was initially discovered in pigs this discovery is attributed to a professor at Iowa Sate University, who also initially patented it as a separate nutritional supplement. This is how HMB is now most commonly identified, being sold in the form of a calcium salt, to those looking to prepare their bodies for physical activities which require endurance.

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It is in this area that hmb offers the primary health benefits to those who use it, as it can help to reduce levels of fat while also increasing the strength and weight of muscles in the body and limiting the breakdown of muscle. The supplement offers it greatest benefits to those who are in the process of preparing their bodies for athletic competition which requires significant levels of endurance, rather than those who are already at their peak level of strength and fitness, and it should be taken in conjunction with a programme of physical exercise.

Aside from the benefits that it offers for those training their bodies for competition however, hmb has also been found to have significant health benefits for those who are suffering from a number of different medical conditions. The muscle enhancing qualities of the Maximuscle HMB supplements can help those suffering from conditions which lead to the wastage of muscles – including AIDS and cancer, but it has also proven to be of help to those suffering from other life threatening conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and for those with severe injuries resulting from physical trauma.

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