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Dry Throat Symptoms that You Should Know

In a world where we are very less concerned about our health we often have minor health issues that may not be life threatening but they can really make things impossible us. Minor health issues like cold and cough can ruin our working day and put us to bed rest  [ Read More ]


Premature Birth Rates Slide Down in US

Getting the right health is really important in the world that we live in. Hence, women all over the world need to make sure that they take good care of their health. Today, women not only play an important role in raising the family but also participate actively in various  [ Read More ]


Your guide to Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most regular type of dementia.This disease is degenerative,incurable and terminal.It was first explained by Alois Alzheimer,a German neuropathologist and psychiatrist in 1906,after which this terminal condition was named after him.It is said that after the age of 65 people are diagnosed with Alzheimer but the disease  [ Read More ]


Testicular Torsion and its Causes

What is Testicular Torsion? Testicular torsion or testicular twisting is caused when the spermatic cord in the testicle twists and stops blood flow to the testicle.The testicles hang loose in the scrotum and in rare cases that they are twisted the channel with the blood vessels is tightened.This affects the  [ Read More ]


Understanding and identifying a Viral Rash

Viral rash can be caused by numerous viruses.While Chicken Pox,Measles and Roseola are some of the most common viral rashes found in children as well as adults,there are several others viruses that come with a bad rash.Here is your guide to understand the viral rash you are pitted against and  [ Read More ]


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